About us!

Arcanely:      A wise and grumpy man sat in the darkness of his apothecary, drawing.   His gnarled hands carefully penned lines showing coastal regions, dark woods, plains with stone obelisks and smoky cities where he had lived over the course of a long and learned life.  In the borders of the map he made tiny and meticulous notes on the people he had encountered, learned from. and loved.   On the back of the map, in magical ink he noted alchemical recipes for scents of great magic.

His life had reached a pinnacle of great power and learning.  It was time to record the history of this grumpy wizard and to share these learnings, leanings and heresy with those who had eyes to see.  Years of herbal study and the knowledge of the power of scent had come together.  He was ready.  Ready to share the gift of traveling to other realms, times and lives through the portals of smoke.  This greatest gift was wrapped in lore and ready to be shared.

Slowly he stood, stretching his ancient body from the time spent in his favorite leather chair, surrounded by books and herbs.  He walked to the door and turned the sign to “open.”  The Grumpy Wizard Incense company was ready for business.

Walking back to his chair, he rolled the map into a thin cylinder and hid it among his robes -waiting for the first visitors to the shop.     This story doesn't end.  This is only the beginning if you choose to journey with us.


Mundanely:    The Grumpy Wizard Incense Company is comprised of three local wizards who have over a half century of magical and muggle experience.   Herbs, magic, gods, divination, astral travel, business, science, ethics and the arte of intelligent conversation are among their talents. 

These hardworking wizards toil long into the night to create scents of amazing pleasure for your home and ritual.  They look forward to seeing you in their future.